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Ingenuity – NOT!

Posted in book covers, girls, stock photos, trends with tags on June 13, 2010 by Jacket Whys

So along the line of getting face covers off of YA novels…
I was sitting in my office last week and I looked up at our new YA novel display (new to us, not new in the sense of just-released) and this is what I saw:

I’m trying to imagine myself as a teen (okay, so that was a really long time ago) – a teen in the culture of today (not the ’70s…). How excited could I get about this batch? Some half-faces, some full-on faces, some fancy clothes. And gosh… I just don’t get it. Why does this work? What happened to standing out from a crowd?
It has always baffled me why it works (it must!) to attract young girls with beautiful girls in beautiful clothes. Weren’t we just talking about wanting to see ourselves, our culture, reflected in our literature? Even if you’re white, does this reflect you?

psssssssssst….. by the way, I love the cover of Hazel despite everything I’ve said, but I’ll never tell >;-)


TMI & Emily

Posted in book covers, double dips, girls, stock photos on May 12, 2010 by Jacket Whys

These days by the time I see a double dip (or some call them lookalikes) it’s on someone’s else’s book cover blog. But here’s one I haven’t seen spotted. What amazes me about these is how similar the cropping can be. I mean… does this photo model have a really weird mouth or something?
And so often, the chosen background color is the same, too.
Brand-New Emily (by Ginger Rue, Tricycle 2010, c2009) is more tan than TMI (by Sarah Quigley, Dutton 2009). Hair and eye-color has been changed. I always wonder how hard it is to do that.  Which one of these pictures is closer to the real girl?

TMI: Fifteen-year-old Becca has the habit of revealing too much personal information about herself and her friends, but when her boyfriend breaks up with her and she vows to stop “oversharing,” she does not realize that her blog postings are not nearly as anonymous as she thought. Ages 11+. Reviews 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
Brand-New Emily: Tired of being picked on by a trio of popular girls, fourteen-year-old poet Emily hires a major public relations firm to change her image and soon finds herself “re-branded” as Em, one of the most important teens not only in her middle school, but in celebrity magazines, as well.  Ages 12+. Reviews 1, 2, 3, 4.

Raised by Wolves, Looks Like Chicklit

Posted in book covers, gender interest, girls, stock photos on April 16, 2010 by Jacket Whys

Okay, so does every book have to look the same now? Even this book, Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (Egmont, June 2010) has chicklit written all over it.
Despite my aversion, it looks like I’m in the minority. Around the blogiverse I found lots of cover-love (here, and here, and my friend at YABooknerd rates it pretty highly as well).

Browsing through other werewolf books for teens, I see that this is standard werewolf cover fare. For my money, I’d rather see something werewolf-y on the cover of a book like this. But maybe that would mean it’s written for boys…?
It’s definitely not the designer that irks me – I like all of the other Sammy Yuen covers shown here!

Raised by Wolves: A girl raised by werewolves must face the horrors of her past to uncover the dark secrets that the pack has worked so hard to hide. Ages 12+. Reviews 1, 2, 3, 4.