The Soon-to-be Lost Art of Book Covers?

A coworker sent me this interesting article by James Bridle today. Food for thought…
In the comments: “While the idiom of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ retains its truth, consumers nonetheless appear to be buying books mostly with their eyes.”
I like that image. Buying books with your eyes. What happens if we can’t do that anymore??

3 Responses to “The Soon-to-be Lost Art of Book Covers?”

  1. I think covers are very important. They are a sort of shorthand that tells you what type of book that might be. The browse by cover option is one of my favorite features on my NOOK. If I didn’t make some sort of judgement call based on the image, I’d spend all my allotted reading time, just reading the overviews until I found something I liked. I know that for me covers are very instrumental in getting me to pick up a book I’ve never heard of. Now, that said, I am most certainly going to read the flap and maybe a page or two before I buy it. It would be a terrible shame if cover design when away or this trend of generic clip art images I’ve been seeing becomes the norm.

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