Random Strangers

Just a quickie here – I was catching up on my blog reading and came across this posting called “Beautiful Portraits of Random Strangers“. The very first thing I thought:  why aren’t book covers using these faces? (Or faces like them…) REAL people! Aren’t they gorgeous?

5 Responses to “Random Strangers”

  1. I love these faces! These are people you would run into on the street, people you would see in the grocery store…real people. Beautiful people. They would make great cover art.

  2. I agree….those are wonderful portraits and would make for such compelling book covers!

  3. Yet they all have perfect skin *sigh*

  4. They are beautiful! I can’t believe they’re just snapshots, though – that’s a professional at work!

  5. Rebecca C. Says:

    Those are so amazing, I keep staring at a bunch of them… I’d love to see any of them on cover art.

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