Zia Over Decades

In my research, I came across this Scott O’Dell title, Zia (Houghton Mifflin 1976).
Cover #1 was the original cover, published in 1976. Cover #2 came out around 1981, cover #3, around 1995, and the 4th cover is upcoming – scheduled for release in January of next year.

Mulling this over… does it tell us anything about the evolution of cover design? The story is based on the true story of Juana Maria – the last surviving member of her tribe, who lived on San Nicolas Island, off the coast of southern California. One might expect her, then, to look like the Natives of that area. Which she does, on the 1976 cover.*
Six years later she looks much more European. The 1995 cover is pretty, but less focused on the character. It’s interesting that the photograph on the upcoming release looks very much like the illustration (by Ted Lewin) on the original edition. She’s lighter skinned, but it’s an amazing match in terms of her features.
An interesting group…

*I do not hold myself up as any kind of authority on any culture, so please take my opinion with a shovelful of salt… or so.


6 Responses to “Zia Over Decades”

  1. Something about the way the title’s lit up on the newest cover makes me think of magic. Like, it makes me think that Zia is a witch or a wizard or something. And she’s creating that wind that’s blowing her hair around. With her magic.

  2. The fist cover is amazing and revolutionary! Each subsequent cover is so of its era. Fascinating stuff. Thanks so much for thinking so hard about book covers. I adore your site.

    • Jacket Whys Says:

      I agree, the first cover is very good. Not so sure it’s revolutionary. When you start looking back it begins to seem that we’ve gone BACKward, not forward…

  3. I rather like the third cover… The “camera angle” and the lighting make for a nice effect.
    I might just enjoy covers that show something actually happening, though.

  4. I feel that the newest cover girl doesn’t look European but very ambiguous. She has that very modern look that appeals across the board. Could be any nationality or race, really.

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