Great Collection

Many bloggers have posted great collections of “best covers” – but this is the best set I’ve ever seen (the cover to the right is only one of the “86 Beautiful Book Covers“). They are adult book covers, not YA.
What I find delightful about this set is the variety in the design, color, and technique. I do not see this kind of variety in YA book covers. You may think it’s just because there are fewer of them, but I’m not so sure. I wonder if it’s because we (or the big bookstores, or the marketers, or whomever is ultimately responsible for what gets out there) peg YAs as a homogeneous group, easier to target because we think they’re pretty much all the same.
I’d like to call for more variety in the covers that are used to draw in the teen population. It’s time to treat them to the delightful variety seen in this group of 86.


3 Responses to “Great Collection”

  1. mclicious Says:

    The example you chose is lovely. And I totally agree–they should not assume that all teen readers were created equally.

  2. Wonderful bunch of covers – wow! And notice how few of them are photographs, and of those that are photos, not one of a face (well, the lips on Lolita come close to this face/partial-body-shot obsession that YA covers have, but since Lolita herself is a YA character, that’s fitting….)

  3. Wonderful list in and of itself (made me want to read several of these books!). AND, it taught me that Chip Kidd wrote another novel! (I love his first and didn’t know about the second. It’s going on my list.)

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