New Press, Different Design

I just found the great cover below. This is a refreshingly different slant on the “face cover.”  There’s a lot of emotion conveyed with the pose and cropping choices. Barbed wire to let us know that there’s trouble, and the pinkish-tinted dove to hint at peaceful resolution.  Abe in Arms by Pegi Deitz Shea will be published by PM Press in June. I hadn’t heard of this publisher, and still don’t know much after reading their “About” page, but clearly they are paying attention to design. Will teens pick this up without a well-dressed teen model on the cover?

Abe in Arms: Age 12+. Reviews: none yet.


2 Responses to “New Press, Different Design”

  1. It’s a great cover, but the dove sort of throws things off for me.

  2. Jacket Whys Says:

    In what way? For me it offers on off-center focus point, away from the bulls-eye of the circle of barbed wire…

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