Book Covers as Homework

I’ve been away (CSLP Conference in Tacoma) and haven’t had enough time to put together a real post. Instead I’m linking you to another cool book cover related thing – students assigned to redesign a book cover, endpapers, titlepage, and bookplate for a special edition novelization of The Wizard of Oz. Great assignment – and some good designs. I like the one on the top the best, and also the one with the upside-down house. Which do you like the best?


3 Responses to “Book Covers as Homework”

  1. I like the second one (Bobby) and the last one (Sarah). They are both quirky but very different. One has a real fifties feel and the other is more modern.

  2. Though his cover isn’t my favorite, Michael Olivo’s endpapers and title page are great – the way Dorothy’s house seems to hover in the upper right corner of the endpage and then come down with a thud onto the bottom of the title page. Also like the series by Sarah Petruska – she’s talented!

  3. Wow. I loved these. What’s always amazing to me is to see how many different versions of the same thing you’ll end up with in a class or group like this. They were all great, but I loved the ones by Leah and Michael. The 40’s vibe of his was very cinematic, I think, and I love how she uses the poppy trail to the city on the cover.

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