London Book Displays

Last week in London, one of the fun things I did was look at children’s/YA book displays in Waterstone’s in London. There was lots to like. Here are some photos I took there.

Of note here – Neal Shusterman’s Unwind – way different from the U.S. version.

Just loved these Series of Unfortunate Events covers (here’s an example of the U.S. paperbacks)

A completely different Scat by Carl Hiaasen.

Twilight copycat – Dessen in black? Her covers tend to be white in the U.S.

Great Percy Jackson covers, but the Wimpy Kid remains the same. Compare the new U.S. paperback of Lightning Thief.

Knife of Never Letting Go? Maybe this one is better in the U.S.


5 Responses to “London Book Displays”

  1. Yeah, I’m not too excited about The Knife. But MAN, The Ask and The Answer has an awesome cover here; I much prefer that one to the U.S. version.

  2. I can’t believe how different the Unwind cover is from our US one! wow. BTW – DId you notice that “Fang” by Patterson is out there? It has yet to come out here in the US.

  3. I swear most of our YA is coming out with Twilight style covers here.

  4. I love that cover for Along for the Ride. I’d hang it up on my wall as an art print.

  5. Love those black Sarah Dessen covers. They’ve used that style in the UK since at least 2007 (Just Listen), so if they are Twilight copycats, the publisher was pretty quick off the mark.

    Those black Dessen covers always remind me of Sarra Manning’s ‘Let’s Get Lost’.

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