A Cryin’ Shame…

One of the many art blogs I read led me to the Society of Illustrators 2010 Student Scholarship Competition today, where I got lost in taking a virtual trip through the show. Try it yourself, and you will feel sad, as I do, that we’ve gone all photography all the time (okay, not all the time, but most of it) for book covers. Oh to have some of these artists working at cover illustration.

5 Responses to “A Cryin’ Shame…”

  1. HERE HERE! S’all I can say…

  2. These illustrations are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. As a cover designer, I would love to work with illustrators more often. But I design books for individuals and small presses who have little (or no) budget to purchase artwork as well as tight deadlines. Because of the lack of money and time, we often end up using stock photography rather than commissioning custom art from illustrators. I hope that books like “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell” and “Leviathan” are the beginning of a new trend in illustrated books…

  3. It’s one of the reasons I love my covers for SHIVER and LINGER so much — because they are NOT photographic. I feel like art still is more evocative, when done well, than a photo, especially if it’s a photo with a figure in it.

  4. Joe Cepeda Says:

    Of course, as an illustrator… and one who has done YA jackets, I certainly may be be a bit biased, but I’m happy to read the previous comments. Actually, many of the AD’s I’ve talked share similar sentiments… they’d use more illustration if they could. Economic reasons seem to always be part of the process, whether it’s as simple as not enough budget, or the marketing departments nudging themselves into editorial decision-making. It’s the most refreshing thing to work with an AD who looks for the best solution (and has the freedom to so). From my view, there seems to be less and less of that. A jacket is a great gig, but it certainly has the potential to go from a very provocative image to a watered down idea aimed at the lowest common denominator.

    • Jacket Whys Says:

      One of the things I noticed about the book covers on children’s and YA books when I was in London was that there were very FEW photo covers.
      I know it’s generally accepted that photo covers are cheaper than illustrated covers… but I wonder why British publishers are more willing to spent the money for illustrated covers??

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