Still working on the top ten… but here’s something to take a look at in the meantime. Not sure I would agree with the choices – but it’s a pretty big order. Just trying to cover all the YA books published in one year is a daunting task. I’m not sure how many covers you’d have to look at to find the 50 Most Captivating Covers of All Time!


2 Responses to “Intermission”

  1. It would have been really nice if they had actually posted the cover shots instead of just the links to the books on Amazon. It would have made for one heck of a long post, though. I agree with you…trying to pick a top ten, twenty, or whatever is decided for the last year, either covers or content is almost impossible!

  2. Boy, this compiler really likes Chip Kidd.

    It was odd, though, that the list gave me a really strong sense of the gender of the chooser. I was totally wrong, but I got a intensely masculine vibe. I was less surprised by the gender of the compiler than by my visceral response to her choices. Do you think it was the predominance of typefaces and objects in the designs, or the lack girly-face photos and bright colors that gave me that impression? I was strongly reminded of the covers of Palahniuk’s novels. Surprised not to see any.

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