I’ve been deliberating… over the year’s YA book covers. I tend to consider myself a cover cynic – but I’ve really had to work to choose a shortlist of 30. Traditionally I choose ten top favorites of the year, but I’m not ready to eliminate 20 from my shortlist yet! I need time to think it over. So stay tuned.

Since I started this blog, it seems more and more blogs/booksites are choosing bests, or offering choices for your vote. Amazon’s contest really caught fire this year. Many blogs linked to it. Their lists were by category, so there were some teen books to vote on. Did you vote? Most posted links to the contest, but here’s a blogger who posted commentary on Amazon’s choices.
Joseph Sullivan at The Book Design Review asked independent bookstore owners to nominate their favorites. You can vote on them (bookstore by bookstore) at his blog – here’s Part I. 2 picture books and 1 YA (Pure by Terra McVoy) made the first group of faves.  And here’s Part II. 2 picture books here, but no YA.
The Book Cover Archive has the Top Ten Covers of the ’00s (one for each year,  including 2009)  And how about this one: Suburban Vampire is asking for nominations for the best vampire covers in several categories.

Do you have a 2009 YA book cover you feel strongly about? I invite you to post your own favorites in the comments.

UPDATE: More bests: From Jacket Knack: Julie’s Picks, Carol’s Picks.


7 Responses to “Deliberating…”

  1. I really liked the cover of Ice by Sarah Beth Durst. When you see it online it’s very beautiful and seems to compliment the book very well. But seeing the color and the slight sheen of the inks in person just gives it that extra edge that ehoes the frosty setting of the book so well. It’s amazing!

    • Not only do I agree, but I’ll tell you it’s in the shortlist. But you’re right… seeing the jacket for real (without any library mylar covering it) really clinches it.

  2. Marcelo in the Real World is beautiful in person – the stars have a glow.

  3. I think my favorite so far is Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld…or for pure creepiness, it would be Last Night I Sang to the Monster.

  4. One of my favorite YA covers this year is “The Forest of Hands and Teeth” by Carrie Ryan. There is something so mesmerizing about the image. I usually don’t like covers that feature a photo of the main character–I think it leaves too much room for a cover that doesn’t match the content of the book–but this one was spot-on. And hauntingly beautiful.

    I also like the “Leviathan” cover a lot, too.

  5. I adore the cover of Sara Zarr’s Once Was Lost — beautiful in its simplicity.

  6. I have to put in another vote for MARCELO IN THE REAL WORLD. I picked it up based on its cover (and was blown away by its contents as well).

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