Spot the Difference

Here’s an interesting hardcover-to-paperback switch. At first glance, what do you see? Telescoping, yes… but what else?

2008 - Hearn - Ivy2009 - Hearn - Ivy - pbk

Yeah, somebody didn’t like it that Ivy (by Julie Hearn – Atheneum 2008) was naked. Don’t worry – she’s covered now!

ivyHere’s the UK cover.

Ivy: In mid-nineteenth-century London, young, mistreated, and destitute Ivy, whose main asset is her beautiful red hair, comes to the attention of an aspiring painter of the pre-Raphaelite school of artists who, with the connivance of Ivy’s unsavory family, is determined to make her his model and muse. Ages 12+. Reviews 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.


10 Responses to “Spot the Difference”

  1. The more interesting design choice to me is to put a snake in place of a vine of ivy under the title on the UK cover. Must research further…

  2. The photo on the British cover was also used—though flopped—on the cover of Cynthia Leitich Smith’s Tantalize.

    Also it’s notable that the girl on the American Ivy always had a wrap around her chest. It just wouldn’t have been visible in the close-up.

    • Yes, she has a fabric drape in the hardcover version. It doesn’t go over her shoulder, however. It goes over her shoulder on the paperback.

  3. Miss_Tammy Says:

    Not only is the girl on the UK version the same (or seemingly so) as the Tantalize cover, but she also graces the cover of a Gilbert Morris novel.

  4. I’d like the UK cover a lot if it didn’t use the pretty widely known photo off Leitich Smith’s book. And what is with the text treatment for all YA historical’s these days? A million books that could be sequels to THE LUXE . . .

  5. I always think it’s interesting that they feel the need to protect teens from half nude girls, and yet nowadays, they see more flesh everytime they go to the beach…not to mention, just walking around town some days in the summer!

  6. I find the photo on the US cover quite arresting. I would die for a cover that gorgeous. I’m not surprised by the mild transformation. This novel is rated 12 and up. Not 14+. So the inside won’t be explicit. Perhaps, they were trying to keep the cover more in keeping with the 12+ rating. The publisher using an over-exposed stock photo for the UK version does surprise me. Hello?

  7. LaWanica Weathers Says:

    I think it’s safe to blame Miley Cyrus’s Vanity Fair photo controversy. The bare back of a teen girl is taboo, I suppose. (You can view the photo here:

    You think pushing in on the model’s face would have been enough, but covering the bare shoulder left in the frame says a lot about our sensitivities these days, and how they can easily lead to overreactions.

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