Am I missing something?

My paperback copy of Jerry Spinelli‘s Smiles to Go (Joanna Cotler 2008) came today.  See below – hardcover’s on the left, paperback on the right:

Spinelli - Smiles to GoSpinelli - Smiles to Go pbk

So… why? It’s not that I think the hardcover is spectacular or anything. I’m just not thinking this plain blue cover is going to grab anyone, let alone a teen. They’re both HarperCollins, so I don’t think it’s a matter of rights. I can’t even imagine the discussion behind this switch…

Smiles to Go: Will Tuppence’s life has always been ruled by science and common sense but in ninth grade, shaken up by the discovery that protons decay, he begins to see the entire world differently and gains new perspective on his relationships with his little sister and two closest friends. Ages 10+. Reviews 1, 2, 3, 4.

7 Responses to “Am I missing something?”

  1. seems to me the paperback cover wants to trade on the stargirl cover design. looking at it and seeing the author’s name, i can’t but think of stargirl

    • Ah, yes. I see what you mean… If that’s what they were trying to do, they missed somehow. Stargirl cover is good, even though it’s simple.

  2. Elizabeth Eggplant Says:

    This blue one seems more masculine and streamlined, like most skateboarding shirts and logos.

  3. mclicious Says:

    Keri beat me to it, but I was going to say that it immediately screams Stargirl, and that’s probably what they want people to think.

  4. Gotta say it, I like the blue cover better. The smiley face looks…weird to me. A bit pretentious. The simplicity of the blue is way more approachable in my view.

  5. The problem with this book is that it has a skateboard on the cover and doesn’t have enough about skateboarding in it!

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