Double Dip & Twist

Here’s a double dip with a twist sent to me by Katie Spofford from Milford, NH. The same photo us used on the YA novel Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz (Hyperion 2008) and, flipped, on Delivering Doctor Amelia by Dan Shapiro (Harmony 2003).
Deadly LittleDoctor Amelia 1

And here’s the twist. The Doctor Amelia cover above was the 2003 original. The next year, the paperback came out with thisĀ  Hands With Apples cover.

Doctor Amelia 2

Thanks Katie!

UPDATE: The post from the first comment can be seen here. This photo really put in some mileage!

Deadly Little Secret: When someone starts stalking high school junior Camelia, everyone at school assumes that it is Ben, who is new at school and rumored to have killed his previous girlfriend, but Camelia is nevertheless inexplicably drawn to him.


4 Responses to “Double Dip & Twist”

  1. There are actually at least four books that use the top cover you mention (plus I found another three that use a similar cover). I blogged about them here: A Bevy of Skirts. And of course the bottom cover is reminiscent of “The-Book-That-Must-Not-Be-Named” (as you put it!)…

  2. Wow, you really put together a collection. I think this is the biggest quadruple, or quintuple dip I’ve ever seen!

  3. Thanks for linking to my post. I was really surprised to find so many books that used that cover (or one very like it)!

  4. I just really hope that whoever took the original picture(s) got paid by the use on each cover and didn’t just get one fee from a publisher who then used it on four different covers! :P

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