Off Topic: Stray Findings

I’m going to break a promise to myself, and write a post that’s a little off the topic of book covers.
Blog stats can be pretty interesting. Ferreting out the reasons why a post gets a lot of non-syndicated traffic, for instance.
My top post of all time (and I’ve been doing this for a year and a half now) is “The Period Dress Girls of 2009.”
So,  I wonder.  Why? Why the extra interest in this topic?? I find the best clue in the words used to find my blog: “period of girls,” “period for girls,” “girls in period.”
I imagine 10 year old boys puzzling over what this period thing is all about with girls. They used to have different sources, like hidden corners in libraries. But now they have the internet. And I wonder, as they sift through things like posts on book covers, how long it takes them to actually find the info they’re looking for…


2 Responses to “Off Topic: Stray Findings”

  1. Ha, Tanita, I snorted too. That’s probably exactly what’s going on. Curious boys with no older sisters.

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