Irresistible: Another Double Dip

Can I resist pointing out a double dip?


Nope. For me, it never gets too old to point out!

Flirting with Boys by Hailey Abbott (HarperTeen 2009): Cover design by Jennifer Rozbruch. Photo by Getty Images.
The Secret Life of Prince Charming by Deb Caletti (Simon & Schuster 2009).

7 Responses to “Irresistible: Another Double Dip”

  1. I love these! My daughter actually is reading the Caletti right now! I’ll have to surprise her and bring home the other book.

  2. The Damsels Says:

    Interesting. I’ve never thought to even look to see if some books have the “same” cover image!


  3. These could also fit into that trope from a few months ago (uhm, I think a few months? maybe longer) of the covers using photos of girls in jeans, but only from about waist to knee. In fact, before I registered that this was a post about a Double Dip, that’s what I thought was being referred to! The hands in the pockets also evokes those covers, though this photo is of course a variation on the theme.

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