Beware of Hands With Apples!

I’ve been hesitant to post a “double dip” that was brought to my attention by Jay Asher (though I thank him for sending it!). It feels a bit like cheating to put this book (you know the one) in a post. I love to see my stats shoot up, but HONESTLY – if you know what I mean.
So here’s  The-Book-That-Must-Not-Be-Named, and a book that’s not YA, Words to Live By by C. S. Lewis (Zondervan 2007). It’s not the same photo, but the coloring is similar. The crop is a little different. But I can’t imagine who would walk by this face-out on a shelf and not do a double-take. The image seems pertinent for the subject. You wonder how deliberately made this decision was. The designer can’t not have seen the other book…


And while I’m at it, there’s another similar situation that’s been sitting around in my queue. The most recent book in The-Series-That-Must-Not-Be-Named is slightly different in lighting and focus. Both it and  Taken by Edward Bloor (Knopf 2007)  are black, white and red, though subjectwise they fit into different categories – Taken in the category of Crime/Murder, and the other book in the Horror (kinda?) category. In this case, the other guy had it first!


Not surprisingly, the paperback edition of Taken, due out in December, has a completely different cover. Hmmm. I wonder why? ;-)

Taken pb

Taken: In 2035 kidnapping rich children has become an industry, but when thirteen-year-old Charity M. is taken and held for ransom, she soon discovers that this particular kidnapping is not what it seems.


3 Responses to “Beware of Hands With Apples!”

  1. It is always unfortunate when books end up looking similar – but I guess there are only so many images out there. Eventually some books will have to look the same.

  2. Since this is just a compilation of Lewis’ work, you have to believe that they did it on purpose! Even though there aren’t a ton of stock photos, there’s enough where covers don’t have to look the same. We read Taken for book club and wondered why Breaking Dawn would choose such an image. Sometimes I wonder how they decide – especially when it doesn’t seem to fit the book!

  3. bridget in oregn Says:

    As a graphic designer I can honestly say that sometimes this just happens. I’ve not read the Lewis book but I’m guessing they’re doing a take off of Eve’s apple and all that’s biblical. The Twilight book’s imagery says “forbidden fruit” to me as well (the characters being forbidden to each other)… you can see how they might have come up with the same imagery.

    Like I said, sometimes it just happens and when it happens all parties involved start swearing. One would hope that it’s easier these days to avoid the whole scenario with the Internet.

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