Expert Opinion Requested

When purchasing a classic title for my YA collection, I like to look at all the covers available and purchase the edition that I think will be most appealing to a teen who is forced or inclined to read that title. Sometimes (like on this one), I just can’t decide. It occurred to me that I could ask for the professional expertise out there.

The first cover here is on an edition that was first out in 1982. That would seem to date it, but it looks a lot like some of the covers that I’ve been seeing on teen titles lately – so I’m wondering if it would still work. The other is a brand new movie tie-in cover. Here’s the indecision part: I like the old cover much, much better. But I’m wondering if I should buy the other – even though it looks more targeted to adults (to me). Please vote in the comments, if you’re inclined, for which cover you think a teen would be most likely to choose.

brideshead-1 brideshead-2

Vote for #1 (the 1982 ed.) or #2 (the 2008 ed.), both Little, Brown. Thanks for your input!

UPDATE (6/1/2009): The book came today. Good choice everyone! Looks even better than its picture.


24 Responses to “Expert Opinion Requested”

  1. #1 for sure!! I love it- I might have to buy my own copy….

  2. Definitely #1. I don’t like movie tie in covers anyway, and that one is particularly bland. The original cover is far more eye catching, in my opinion.

    • I agree. I just couldn’t trust my instinct 100%, because I usually don’t choose an ’80s cover over a brand new one. Thanks, Maggie.

  3. Oh, also, I think teens would gravitate towards cover #1– those pants and shoes look very Chuck Bass to me. ;)

  4. Andrea Benvenuto Says:

    Another vote for #1!

  5. amcatoir Says:

    #1 is the best cover. I find I get a lot of people, in the bookstore, both adult and teen turned off by ‘movie’ covers. They see the movie display and come up to the desk to ask for the other cover.

  6. #1 (and I’m a teen :P). (I strongly dislike movie covers.)

  7. I actually like #1 better, because I think #2 would date more quickly, oddly enough. Can’t explain why–maybe it’s these two specific covers, and #1 is more distinctive and captures the flavor of the book better.

  8. Elizabeth Eggplant Says:

    Yet another vote for #1
    I love your site :)

  9. I would definitely go with #1. I hate, hate, hate movie tie-in covers and try everything I possibly can to avoid them.

  10. I vote for the first one. I know at my library movie tie-in covers tend to be popular for a few months surrounding the release of the movie and after that no one wants them.

    Also, the first one follows the current YA trend of chopping off folks heads, right?

  11. #1 — even as a teen i hated movie tie-in covers.

  12. You’ve got an overwhelming number of votes for #1, so I almost didn’t even vote! Aside from being the dreaded movie tie-in cover, #2 just looks lame and boring.

    Really cool blog, btw. :)

  13. It’s decided – Number 1 it is. Number 1 is what I ordered. Thanks everyone!

  14. Yay! Even though I’m late to comment, I’m glad you went with the retro-hip cover one.

  15. Another vote for #1!

  16. Rachel Says:

    A belated 2 cents: I’m a book cover designer (for whatever that’s worth) and YA literature fan; I think #1 feels fun and inviting & therefore would be more appealing for teens (or anyone) to read than #2, which feels somber & heavy.

  17. Also belated… but definitely another vote for #1. I was skimming through my rss feeds on google reader, and cover #1 actually made me stop and see what book it was.

    • Ann Marie Says:

      I choose #1 too. It is alot like what is available for teens now and I don’t think the movie was targeted towards them.

  18. I like #1 also…the movie cover isn’t very appealing (to teens or adults) and will look even more dated within a couple of years.

  19. Have to go with #1. Never would have thought it was from 1982, so we KNOW it has aged well!

  20. Tafadhali Says:

    I know this was posted ages ago, but I just wanted to say that #1 is probably in my top 5 covers of all time. I mean, it helps that it’s pretty much my favorite book, too.

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