Triple Play

Nothing new here. Along with scores of other bloggers, I have posted plenty about multiple uses of the same stock photo. But I do enjoy seeing covers like this all together on a page.
The Eyes of Van Gogh by Cathryn Clinton (Candlewick 2007) and The Book of Jude by Kimberley Heuston (Front Street 2008) are teen books, but The Triple Bind: Saving Our Teenage Girls from Today’s Pressures by Stephen Hinshaw with Rachel Kranz (Ballantine Books 2009) is a parenting book. I included a parenting book in another similar post – so that makes me wonder if parenting books are more likely to use the same photos as books for the teens they address.


It is interesting to note that both of the fiction titles turn up in booklists on mental illness. The model does not look to me like the poster child for mental illness (maybe that’s the point?). I wonder how she feels about her face turning up on so many book covers. And does she get paid each time it happens? (I’m guessing not).

Eyes of Van Gogh: After many moves with her peripatetic mother, seventeen-year-old Jude begins to believe that she has finally found a home, friends, and some purpose in life when the grandmother she never knew has a stroke and she and her mother come to live in the same town to be near her. Age 14+. Reviews 1, 2, 3.
Book of Jude: In 1989, when fifteen-year-old Jude’s mother wins a Fulbright fellowship to study art in Czechoslovakia, the family postpones a planned move to Utah to join her, but the political situation and the move itself are too much for Jude, who is overwhelmed by a previously undiagnosed psychological disorder. Age 14+. Reviews 1, 2, 3.
Triple Bind: Parenting Book. Reviews 1, 2, 3, 4,


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  1. I never thought of that. What would it be like to have your picture on the cover of a book just because you modeled for the picture. Do you run out and buy copies for your family? There are a lot more pictures, and fewer horrible drawings on covers, and that’s a good thing.

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