Recognizable Style

Reuse of images or image features is not the province of stock photography alone. Even illustrators reuse elements of their work. The faces on these three book covers (all by Nicoletta Ceccioli) are almost identical. I thought maybe that was just a facial pose/image that this illustrator always used, but I looked through the books she showcases on her website  and they don’t all have quite the same similarity – though her style is easy to spot. Before I consciously realized that these were all done by the same illustrator, I kept mistaking one for the other – The Joy of Spooking: Fiendish Deeds by P. J. Bracegirdle (McElderry 2008) and The Remarkable & Very True Story of Lucy & Snowcap by H. M. Bouwman (Cavendish 2008) anyway. The Girl in the Castle Inside the Museum by Kate Bernheimer (Schwartz & Wade 2008) is a picture book, so it’s harder to mix it up with the other two.
fiendish2 snowcap1

castle2Fiendish Deeds: As eleven-year-old Joy Wells, proud resident of the nearly-abandoned town of Spooking, tries to stop construction of a water park in a bog she believes is home to a monster and the setting of her favorite horror story, a man with his own mysterious connection to Spooking will do anything to stop her. Age 8-12. Reviews: 1, 2, 3, 4.
Lucy & Snowcap: In 1788, thirteen years after English convicts are shipwrecked on the magical islands of Tathenland, two twelve-year-old girls, one a native Colay, the other the child-governor of the English, set out on a journey to stop the treachery from which both peoples are suffering. Age 10+. Reviews: 1, 2, 3.
Girl in the Castle: Children come to visit a little girl who lives all alone inside a castle that is housed inside of a museum. Age [no one seems to agree on this]. Reviews: 1, 2, 3, 4.

4 Responses to “Recognizable Style”

  1. Thanks for highlighting this art. I especially appreciate the attention it brings again to Lucy & Snowcap. I posted this book months ago on Anokaberry and it made my top 20 books of 2008 list. Thanks too for linking to the wonderful audio interview with H.M. Bouwman.

  2. oh. such eyecatching art for these covers!
    thank you for posting and happy weekend. =D

  3. These covers are vaguely disturbing, but definitely recognizable. Speaking of disturbing covers, I’d love to know what you thought of Dream Girls. It was attractive at first glance, but then spooked me a bit!

  4. Who is the author of Dream Girls? I found books by that title, but they are all adult books…

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