Best Covers of 2008 – Part 2

Set number two of my ten favorite book covers of the year.


The cover of Skin Deep by E. M. Crane (Delacorte) is just so pretty! The split smack dab in the middle seems to go against what little wisdom I remember from my art school days, however, the use of complementary colors is classic – and beautiful here. The texture of the backgrounds and silhouettes really adds to the effect. Try picturing this cover without it, and you can see what I mean.


Hummingbird by Kimberly Greene Angle (Farrar Straus Giroux) is another example of title text being perfectly integrated into the cover design, and another instance of the use of complementary colors to make a book stand out. Watermelon is sort of an iconic symbol of summer and the south – relevant for this title. Green foil is used tastefully on the hummingbird, and the simulation of stitching is interesting.


On The Buddha’s Diamonds by Carolyn Marsden and Thay Phap Niem (Candlewick) it is the photography and the exotic setting that make it a top-ten selection. The font choice works well, though I wish it was a tad lower, with all of it on the water.
What I love about the photo is the atmospheric quality. I can feel myself sitting in that picture. That is what draws me in and makes me want to know the story.

Skin Deep: When sixteen-year-old Andrea Anderson begins caring for a sick neighbor’s dog, she learns a lot about life, death, pottery, friendship, hope, and love. Age 12+. Reviews, 1, 2, 3. Jacket illustration by Stephanie Dalton Cowan. Jacket design by Vikki Sheatsley.
Hummingbird: In spite of a busy life on the family pumpkin and watermelon farm in Jubilee, Georgia, twelve-year-old March Anne Tanner feels that something is missing, and when Grenna, the grandmother who has helped raise her since her mother died when she was three, also passes on, March Anne finds that she must act on her feelings of loss. Age 8-12. Reviews, 1, 2.
Buddha’s Diamonds: As a storm sweeps in, Tinh’s father tells him to tie up their fishing boat but the storm scares him and he runs away, but when the damage to the boat is discovered, Tinh realizes what he must do. Ages 8-12. Reviews, 1, 2. Jacket photograph by Catherine Karnow/CORBIS.


7 Responses to “Best Covers of 2008 – Part 2”

  1. Thanks for the design/art lessons–love these picks!

  2. Oh, yay, I really loved the covers of Skin Deep and Hummingbird, too! The Buddha’s Diamonds is lovely, too. Thanks again for sharing these.

  3. Thanks again for sharing these — I loved your picks and completely agree with them. I’ve seen some amazing covers for ’09 too.

  4. thanks for mentioning the book cover illustration for Skin Deep, i really enjoyed creating the art….it was one of my favourite book projects! And i received great direction from Vikki Sheatsley at Random House.

  5. I really like your picks–and your site! I came in here to tell you that I’m bestowing a Butterfly Award on your site. Naturally, I felt compelled to make up my own subcategories–yours won for Most Artfully Intriguing. (As a writer, I have to tell you that I seriously pray for a good jacket with every book. I just got the latest, and I was walking on air all day because I liked it so much!)

  6. I loved Stephanie Dalton’s cover art for Skin Deep. Engaging and responsive, able to be returned to, always something new to find. It’s simple but true, that a books cover enhances the value of the reading experience.
    Jared Martin

  7. beautiful covers all in color, texture, composition, and typography.

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