There’s a Reason…

… I just can’t imagine what it is. Below are the hardcover (left) and paperback (right) covers of Lights, Camera, Amalee by Dar Williams (Scholastic 2006). Note the differences to the central figure: instead of blue rolled up pants, she now has longer camouflage-y pants with lots of pockets – her shirt changed from green to orange…
Other than that the layout is almost identical. The cropping of the art is slightly different The fonts are changed, the background is changed from a top-to-bottom green-to-white gradation, to an outside-to-inside blue-to-white gradation. But the overall look is too similar for the designer motivation to be obvious.
Minor changes from hardcover to paperback always mystify me. Were there lots of letters from readers that said the artist got the character wrong? The changes are so subtle, it hardly seems worth the alteration – unless there was a glaring faux-pas in matching the cover characterizations to their characters.

Dar Williams is an author whom I know more as a singer/songwriter – have enjoyed her music at a few folk festivals.

lca-tr lca-pbk

Lights, Camera, Amalee: When seventh-grader Amalee uses an inheritance to make a movie about endangered species, she discovers a link with the mother she never knew. Grades 4-7.


2 Responses to “There’s a Reason…”

  1. As someone who sees hundreds of teens every day, I think the change in pants and shoes makes the pb cover look much more up to date, not the possibly vintage/hippie-ish look of the original pants and shoes (not that hippies wore pants like that, but kids don’t parse past fashions that finely). And the change from green to orange was necessitated by making the pants green–olive green cargo pants have been somewhat popular in recent years.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your best of 2008 selections.

  2. I’m working on my “Best of 2008.” I’ll post them in early January – when I feel reasonably certain I’ve looked at everything (well…. probably not possible, but I can try!) that comes out this month.
    What you say about Lights, Camera, Amalee makes sense. Thanks!

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