I have been thinking about which book jackets will make my top ten list this year. One of the big trends that has come along with the huge increase in the publishing output of young adult titles, has been book covers that look less distinguishable from those that are designed for books published for adults. This fits firmly in that category, and I’m still thinking about where I stand on that.
Still, Planet Pregnancy by Linda Oatman High (Front Street, October 2008) has a real standout cover design. Black and white jackets seem to work pretty well in general, and this one is simpler than most. Without the title, I’m not entirely sure it would be as obvious. But the title says everything. The simple line created with the white and black shapes is startling in how clearly it says “pregnant.” Yet it’s all so understated. For me, this is a real winner. I wonder if it will attract teens as well?
Is the change in how YA books are represented visually a conscious effort to make books that are cross-marketed? This one targets “Ages 14-17” according to Front Street – but I’m guessing bookstores could shelve it in an adult section and browsers wouldn’t suspect it was published for the teen market.
(My apologies, if you are looking at this right on the blog. I haven’t figured out how to put a line around a black book to break it away from the blog’s black background.)

Planet Pregnancy: Sixteen-year-old Sahara struggles with an unplanned pregnancy, and all its conflicting emotions, in this novel told in free verse.


7 Responses to “Standout”

  1. I saw it first in my feed reader with a white background and knew right away it must be pregnancy–so it works on that level. But I also don’t think it loses anything with the black background. We know it’s a book cover and I think subconsciously know where the border is. Great pick.

  2. I think that is a fabulous cover!! Incredibly simple…but it really gives you an idea of what the book might be about. I am going to have to pick it up. I can definitely see why this cover would make your top ten. I’m interested to see your complete list!

  3. I agree that the line and background color choices are strong for an adult audience, but I think it would have more of a teen appeal with a different font and text color choice. The pale pink is a little too obvious. Something more bold and edgy would up the intrigue factor – as is, I’m pretty sure I know what’s coming.

    Love the blog, though! :)

  4. As the author of Planet Pregnancy, I’m thrilled that you like the book jacket!

    Best wishes,

    Linda Oatman High

  5. Anne Bingham Says:

    I, too, saw it in the feed reader and thought, that looks like a pregnancy bump!

  6. I love your blog! I nominated you for this award over at my blog. Don’t feel compelled to participate in the “chain letter”. Your blog is very useful. Thank you!

  7. Brilliant design! It receives the “Keep It Simple Stupid” Award for directness. I love your blog!

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