I have been trying to pay attention to book spines. I read an article somewhere which I now cannot find (I will keep looking). While I was on vacation, Lisa Chellman wrote an interesting post on the subject. This is something I will be watching in the future – though spines are much harder to capture. Unlike book covers, which you can find on many book sites, you really have to have the book in your hand to see the spine.


6 Responses to “Spines”

  1. Best spine ever, IMO: The Invention of Hugo Cabret.

  2. Good eye! A spine I would say is just as important as the cover. Because lets face it no matter how cool you think your cover design is. Eventually it’s going to be shelved. Then the spine is the only thing left to catch you eye. Well maybe besides your favorite authors name. I’m glad you brought this up. I think I’ll take your lead an write about spines as well.

  3. Hugo Cabret= awesome spine

  4. Melissa W. Says:

    Just got cover art for a forthcoming book (okay to brag on it since I had nothing to do with it) and was really pleased to see the attention the designer paid to the spine. If you want to look, I have a scan here of the front cover with the spine:

    (Not-quite-final, still has the “stock photo” overlay on some of the pictures, but this is what the cover will look like.)

  5. I agree that spines really do make the difference when you are walking amongst the stacks. Bright colors are good, with contrast, and of course, easy to read titles! If you have an older book with a worn and faded spine, it’s only going to get checked out if it’s on a summer reading list or is a recommendation (hunting for the book is involved either way). Your average browser will not pick those books up!

  6. two very cool spines: Evolution, Me, and Other Freaks of Nature by Robin Brande, and Hero-Type, the new one by Barry Lyga.

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