In my exploration of illustration on children’s and teen book jackets, I came across this jacket from Flux, The Shape of Water by Anne Spollen (2008). I had thought a lot about this particular jacket that also makes use of the tiny title trend. The illustration so reminded me of the 70s, when I was a teen myself, reminded me of some of the art from that time, some of the pieces I did myself when I was in art school. I liked this jacket a lot, but thought it was just nostalgia. Given my own pegging it to the 70s, I wondered about it’s success.
Brown is kind of an unusual color for a background (just based on my memory banks, not any hard evidence). That made it different, too.
This morning, I read this blog entry from Andrew Karre at the Flux Blog, which reminded me of all the above. It will be interesting to watch where this book goes, with an eye to how teens are feeling about the book’s advertisement, it’s cover.


3 Responses to “Nostalgia?”

  1. I just finished this same book. I kind of love the cover, despite the fact that it’s… a little odd. It fits with the character’s mental state.

  2. Taylor Reynolds Says:

    I tried to order this, but was told it wouldn’t be available until April. May I ask how you got a hold of it? (I went through amazon) Thanks!

  3. Taylor: It should be available from Amazon now or directly from us,


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