Rabbit Puzzle

This book cover, Echo by Kate Morgenroth (Simon & Schuster 2007), has been sitting around in my queue since I started this blog. I’ve never found others to match with it, nor developed a clear cut idea about it.
What I can say is that every time I look at it I feel puzzled – though not in a bad way. The combination of this extremely odd image with the word “echo” is unexpected, yet fascinating. I did not know what to think the book was about. Having read several reviews, I can’t even imagine what the rabbit has to do with the story. Booklist calls it a “curiously compelling psychological drama.” The main character relives the same horrific event (his brother accidentally kills himself) over and over. Nevertheless, it’s an arresting image that begs explanation – begs one to pick it up and read it to find out what it represents. This book will go in my tall stack of books to get to.


Echo: After Justin witnesses his brother’s accidental shooting death, he must live with the repercussions, as the same horrific day seems to happen over and over. (Age 12+)


2 Responses to “Rabbit Puzzle”

  1. I haven’t read this, but it looks like a blood-splatter version of an ink blot test. That it’s a rabbit, who knows?

  2. nobi nobi boy Says:

    There is a recurring rabbit dissection scene in the book that mirrors the exposed torment of the main character.

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