Roses are…

A single rose appears on each of these four covers – with varying results.
The best one is Alex Flinn’s Beastly (HarperTeen 2007). Another black, white and red cover – well done. The white rose has an interesting and more realistic shape – and the type treatment is very effectively a simple all cap font with thorns. Good chance this cover will draw readers to this novelized retelling of Beauty and the Beast.
The Silenced by James DeVita (Eos 2007) on the other hand, looks like an old fashioned paperback from the 70s or 80s. It just seems faded. The rose shape is nearly a perfect circle. Looking at the summary – it probably fits. I think it could have been done well, but it needed something different. Different font, different colors – something.

Beastly Silenced

On this book, Carrie Jones’ second book with duct tape on the cover, Love (And Other Uses for Duct Tape) (Flux 2008 ) the duct tape rose is smart. I think teens will pick this up both because of the fun title, and the amusing cover.
Prom Nights from Hell by Meg Cabot, Michele Jaffe, Lauren Myracle, Kim Harrison & Stephenie Meyer (HarperTeen 2007) has the only rose photo, and it’s a pretty one. That contrasts with what is obviously, from the title, a book of prom horrors. Because the authors are names that will draw readers, their five names are large. It detracts from this cover, which would be more interesting if the authors names were more subtle. But ah, they do what they think sells books…

Love (And Prom Nights

I was surprised to find this many titles for teens with just a rose and text. Three of them are from Harper. There were a handful of other books in 2007 with flowers (not roses). They were prettier, pinker, and more girly than these four. I think of roses as a flower that women like to get. Interesting that they aren’t used in a very feminine context on these book jackets.

Beastly: A modern retelling of “Beauty and the Beast” from the point of view of the Beast, a vain Manhattan private school student who is turned into a monster and must find true love before he can return to his human form. Jacket art by The Heads of State. Jacket design by Sasha Illingworth.
The Silenced: Consigned to a prison-like Youth Training Facility because of her parents’ political activities, Marena organizes a resistance movement to combat the restrictive policies of the ruling Zero Tolerance party.
Love: When Belle, now a high school senior, faces the possibility of finally sleeping with Tom, her duct-tape sculpting boyfriend, her best friend Em’s unplanned pregnancy, and her mother’s blooming romance, the stress causes her seizures to return.
Prom Nights From Hell: Jacket design by Amy Ryan. Rose photo by joSon/Getty Images.


9 Responses to “Roses are…”

  1. Hey, just discovered your site, and got kind of excited: I’m a graphic designer and aspiring kids book author, and I rarely find other people with that sort of combination of interests. Consider yourself bookmarked!

  2. Laura Wiess’ book Such a pretty girl (Jan, 2007) has a single rose on the cover, it is a dried rose on black background. I really like the cover. Her second novel leftovers (2008) follows the same design w/ a dried dandelion blowing away on a blue cover. I appreciate the simplicity of each cover.

  3. Hmmm, yeah, agree about The Silenced. I loved the idea, because the rose was supposed to be a stamp, made from a template, but it could have been… more realistically made. I mean, Marena drew the rose, and it could have been a bit more stylized… and I do question the orange color! Fortunately, it was a good story.

  4. Beastly is such a great cover!. I wish I could write a blog like this. But i am glad you are instead.

  5. Have you read Carrie’s debut, TIPS ON HAVING A GAY (ex) BOYFRIEND? If not, do. LOVE… is the sequel.

  6. Just tried to see if I could borrow TIPS and I’m surprised (and maybe dismayed?) to see that only 12 libraries in Connecticut have purchased it (there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 200). I DO hope it is not because of the subject!
    Now I’ve really got to read it so I can, if I think it’s good, encourage libraries to get it.

  7. Hmm…. I was just asked why I refused to read Silenced … and I had to confess that it was because of having seen Silence of the Lambs. Sorry – just can’t get over it, and I’m surprised that somebody didn’t catch that the cover would say that to some (albeit ‘old folks’).

  8. Update: Having now read LOVE, I can tell you it’s as good if not BETTER than TIPS. I really loved it.

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