It’s a Sign

Signs were popular on YA book covers this year. While Caroline Cooney’s Hit the Road (Delacorte) seems to have been the only cover with road signs on it in 2006, four 2007 titles – Going Nowhere Faster by Sean Beaudoin (Little, Brown), Not Like You by Deborah Davis ( Clarion), Do Not Pass Go by Kirkpatrick Hill (Margaret K. McElderry) and by Sofi Mendoza’s Guide to Getting Lost in Mexico by Malin Alegria (Simon & Schuster) – used road signs to attract kids. Three of them have directional arrows and two of them have arrows pointing in two directions – away from each other. A hint that the characters in these books have to go the wrong way before they find the right direction?

Going Nowhere Not Like You

Do Not Pass Sofi Mendoza

Will we see more in 2008 or has it been done enough for now? These books are written for kids who are pushing driving age, and probably all things road and car are on their minds. Is there some subtle thing about seeing road signs on books that may make them pick up these books?

Going Nowhere Faster: Although his past accomplishments have convinced everyone else he is headed for college and greatness, seventeen-year-old Stan just wants to work at Happy Video, live in his parents’ basement, write a movie script–and convince someone there really is a madman after him. (Age 14+)
Not Like You: When she and her mother move once again in order to make a new start, fifteen-year-old Kayla is hopeful that her mother will be able to stop drinking and begin a better life, as she has been promising for years. (Age 13+)
Do Not Pass Go: When Deet’s father is jailed for using drugs, Deet learns that prison is not what he expected, nor are other people necessarily the way he thought they were. (Ages 9-14)
Sofi Mendoza’s Guide: When Southern California high school senior Sofi Mendoza lies to her parents and crosses the border for a weekend party, she has no idea that she will get stuck in a Mexican village with family she has never met before, unable to return to the United States and the easy life she knew. (Age 12+) Photo by Whit Preston/Getty Images. Jacket design by Einav Aviram.


2 Responses to “It’s a Sign”

  1. I actually like “Not Like You” quite a bit, and Going Nowhere Faster is quite catchy as well, but I have to say the bottom two do nothing for me.

  2. lwilli0316 Says:

    I think the placement of the author’s name on Do Not Pass Go is very odd. I think it would have looked better outside of the actual sign – across the bottom or something.
    I like the top two as well… but I’m not sure the signs, the bottle and “Not Like You,” make sense in the visual context. Maybe they don’t have to?

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