Best Covers of 2007 – Final 4

I haven’t identified any pinpointable criteria that make this group of ten, for me, winners. Except that the cover alone really makes me want to read them. Yes, the flap copy will help. But on cover alone, I want to read these. So here are the final four of my ten favorites of 2007.

1. A Field Guide to High School by Marissa Walsh (Delacorte).

Field Guide
It’s not clear to me what makes me like this cover so much. Perhaps nostalgia or just that it’s unexpected on a novel. The fact that it really does look like a field guide is pretty cool. I will have to read it and see if the little pictures really do connect to stuff in the book. But it’s different. That’s what makes it stand out.

2. Head Case by Sarah Aronson (Roaring Brook) Jacket design by Laurent Linn.

Head Case
It’s the almost black and white graphic representation of the wreckage of a really bad accident that makes you, like a rubber-necker, drawn to the carnage. What happened here? You could guess different general plots for this – but the little wheelchair graphic gives you a hint. And the red title. This guy didn’t walk again… [Update: Since I posted this, I have read the book. I think it’s an important book for new drivers to read and I think it’s good that it has a jacket that will draw readers. I’ll bet if the cover showed a guy in a wheelchair, fewer teens would pick it up – just guessing…]

3. Huge by Sasha Paley (Simon & Schuster)

No s’mores. NO S’MORES! How could they? Well if you are “huge,” you probably shouldn’t eat s’mores. I am sympathetic. A big batch of marshmallow and chocolate – forbidden. I wasn’t sure about the pink, except that it really vibrates, but then I saw the paperback cover. Same idea, but nowhere near the same impact. The pink works. The text and color on the hardcover create more interest in what’s inside.

4. Boot Camp by Todd Strasser (Simon & Schuster) Jacket design by Einav Aviram. Jacket photograph copyright 2007 by Joel Hasen, PhD.

Boot Camp
Something tells me I shouldn’t like this. That it’s just exactly what you’d expect – cliche. But it has an in-your-face quality that seems perfect paired with the images the title conjures up. And the actual image itself is well done. Great texture, good color. Not sure I’d always be attracted to a book called “Boot Camp.” But I’ll read this one.

This concludes my ten favorite covers of children’s and YA novels for 2007. I suspect that anyone creating this list would come up with a completely different ten. What’s your favorite?

Field Guide to High School: Andie and her best friend Bess read through a manual Andie’s Yale-bound sister wrote for her, which is filled with tips and tricks for excelling at Plumstead Country Day high school where Andie is about to be a freshman. (Age 12+) Jacket illustrations of animals and plant: Dover Publications. Jacket illustrations of people: Jacket design by Angela Carlino.
Head Case: Seventeen-year-old Frank Marder struggles to deal with the aftermath of an accident he had while driving drunk that killed two people, including his girlfriend, and left him paralyzed from the neck down. (Age 12+)
Huge: Thrown together as roommates at a “fat camp,” Wilhelmina and April have nothing in common until they are both humiliated by the same person. (Age 13+)
Boot Camp: After ignoring several warnings to stop dating his teacher, Garrett is sent to Lake Harmony, a boot camp that uses unorthodox and brutal methods to train students to obey their parents. (Age 12+)


3 Responses to “Best Covers of 2007 – Final 4”

  1. Thank you so much for recognizing Laurent Linn’s extraordinary cover design for Head Case. When I first saw the design, I was obviously thrilled. Laurent clearly read and understood my book.

    Thanks again!

  2. Please tell me you have a LiveJournal feed. This blog makes me grin and I want to add it to my LJ feeds/friends. I am a bookseller and reviewer who considers this sort of thing all of the time and have written articles about it! Bravo!

  3. Huge was very good, but I was disappointed in Field Guide. I also loved the cover. It made me think of Little Golden Guides. There’s some cord it struck. And your opinions line up very well with those of my students. Am LOVING this site!

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