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Best Covers of 2007 – Part 2

Posted in best book jackets, book covers on December 19, 2007 by Jacket Whys

I can’t find any connection that gives a general category for the next three of my ten favorite covers of 2007. So here they are in no particular order.

1. Undercover by Beth Kephart (HarperTeen) Jacket design by Chad Beckerman (interview with Chad).
The image here is so beautiful. You really have to see it on the actual book. Something about a red leaf frozen into blue ice, filled with air bubbles. The photo is sharp – yet at first you don’t quite recognize what it is that you are looking at. The title text fits beautifully – both font and color. I was attracted to this book by its cover – and found that the beauty of the cover was matched by the gorgeous language inside. I love love this book.

2. Chaos King by Laura Ruby (Eos)

Chaos King
The image of an octopus (squid?) wrapped around an old decaying book is intriguing. But more than that, the color palette creates a surprisingly unscary mood. From the close up tentacles shadowed in purple, to the yellow of the tentacles bathed in light, to the green of the tentacles farther away – cool colors. Then the hot pink/red of the background. The title font in green stands out. And there’s more detail to make you keep looking.

3. The Rising Star of Rusty Nail by Leslie M. M. Blume (Knopf)

This unexpected perspective of a piano keyboard is almost startling when you realize what the image is. I’m always a sucker for stars, so I may be a bit biased. The overall effect makes me think of an American flag which, when I read the summary, I see is intentional. I like how the text follows the orientation of the keys – the author’s name comes out horizontal, but the title rises like the “Rising Star of Rusty Nail.”

Undercover: High school sophomore Elisa is used to observing while going unnoticed except when classmates ask her to write love notes for them, but a teacher’s recognition of her talent, a “client’s” desire for her friendship, a love of ice skating, and her parent’s marital problems draw her out of herself. (Age 12+)
Chaos King: Thirteen-year-old Georgie and Bug, a year older, have been pulled apart by the demands of their newfound fame and fortune, but join forces again when a punk, vampires, a giant sloth, and other creatures come after them on the streets of a New York City of the future. (Age 9+)
The Rising Star of Rusty Nail: In the small town of Rusty Nail, Minnesota, in the early 1950s, musically talented ten-year-old Franny wants to take advanced piano lessons from newcomer Olga Malenkov, a famous Russian musician suspected of being a communist spy by gossipy members of the community. (Ages 10+)